Running a business is hard work, we know because we have done it for many years! As a small business owner its a constant stream of emails, forms, paperwork and stress. What we want to do is to take some of that stress away from you! We offer a range of legal and financial services which are all aimed at reducing your stress levels and ticking boxes without breaking the bank. Our services are affordable but quality, meaning that you can get on with making your business work for you without worrying about the things that you haven't yet done.

Together lets make that to do list smaller!

Patent Preparation and Prosecution


When you run a business, your number one resource is your staff. As the public face of your brand the people that work for you may ultimately determine with you succeed or not so making sure they are happy is vital. From interviews to job offers, paperwork to grievance we can help ensure that your staff are happy and well informed and that you, as a business owner are legally protected.

WHMIS safety data sheets checklist train


Everyone has heard about it, but what is health & safety? Put simply it is making sure that the everyone within the workplace, both workers and everyone else are protected from things that could cause them harm. Most health and safety is common sense but by having a robust health and safety policy you can help ensure risk is managed and that you as a business are legally protected in the event of the worst happening.



New for 2020! We are adding this string to our bow and aiming to help you and your business with another important element of the day to day running. Using modern, up to date accounting software we will help you with your invoicing and tax issues to ensure that once again, the pressure is taken off of you letting you get on with the important task of running and growing your business.



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