• Laurence Belt

Why audits can help your business.

It's easy to lose track of the little things while you are busy running a business. From manning a shop to making a product a small business owner often has to be a bit of a master of all trades and just do whatever it is that needs to be done to keep the business going on that particular day. This often leaves little or no time for some of the smaller but no less important things which can get pushed down the 'to do list' or even forgotten about completely. Quite often it is the Health & Safety or HR paperwork that finds itself being put off until tomorrow, and then tomorrow comes and the same thing happens again, and again and again until eventually it gets lost in the ether. And that's OK until something goes wrong and suddenly a simple document, contract or checklist that is vital doesn't exist and then the alarm bells ring.

So why not let somebody else tell you what you're doing well and, on the flip side what is missing and avoid those possible future problems altogether. A full audit of your procedures and paperwork can often eliminate issues before they happen and ensure that if the worst ever does occur that you, and your business are as protected and safe as possible. By having an health & safety audit carried out in your business we can identify risk assessments that are out of date or incorrect, annual inspections that are overdue and safe systems of work that are unfit for purpose. A HR audit can ensure that contracts are legal, all paperwork is correct and grievance and disciplinary processes are fit for purpose.

If you think your business needs an audit or would just like an informal chat about what we can do for your business then please get in touch.

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